As described in the notice, HUD proposes to update the list of life-threatening conditions included on the Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016 Life-Threatening List (“HOTMA LT”) for the HCV and PBV programs. All of the items below are designated as “Life-Threatening” and must be repaired within 24 Hours.

For occupied units where the family already has a voucher and is undergoing a periodic reexamination, deficiencies on the HOTMA LT list must be corrected within 24 hours. For new units proposed for the HCV program, HOTMA LT deficiencies must be resolved before the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract is executed and the family moves into the unit. Other deficiencies included in the NSPIRE standards must be resolved within timelines established by the PHA administering the voucher, typically 30 days. Where NSPIRE deficiencies are not corrected within established timeframes, PHAs will be required to suspend, abate or terminate HAP to the landlord once the standards are final.

Inspectable Item Deficiency
Call-for-Aid System System is blocked, or the pull cord is higher than 6 inches off the floor.
Call-for-Aid System System does not function properly.
Carbon Monoxide Alarm Carbon monoxide alarm is missing, not installed, or not installed in a proper location.
Carbon Monoxide Alarm Carbon monoxide alarm is obstructed.
Carbon Monoxide Alarm Carbon monoxide alarm does not produce an audio or visual alarm when tested.
Chimney A visually accessible chimney, flue, or firebox connected to a fireplace or wood-burning appliance is incomplete or damaged.
Chimney Chimney exhibits signs of structural failure.
Dryer Exhaust Electric dryer transition duct is detached or missing.
Dryer Exhaust Gas dryer transition duct is detached or missing.
Dryer Exhaust Electric dryer exhaust ventilation system has restricted airflow.
Dryer Exhaust Dryer transition duct is constructed of unsuitable material.
Dryer Exhaust Gas dryer exhaust ventilation system has restricted airflow.
Door – Entry Entry door is missing.
Door – Fire Labeled Fire labeled door is missing.
Egress Obstructed means of egress
Egress Sleeping Room on 3rd Floor or Below has Obstructed Rescue Opening
Egress Fire Escape Is Obstructed
Electrical Conductors Outlet or switch is damaged
Electrical Conductors Exposed electrical conductor
Electrical Conductors Water is currently in contact with an electrical conductor.
Electrical Panel Overcurrent Protection Device Is Damaged
Exit Sign Exit sign is damaged, missing, obstructed, or not adequately illuminated.
Fire Escape Fire escape component is damaged or missing.
Fire Extinguisher Fire extinguisher pressure gauge reads over or under-charged.
Fire Extinguisher Fire extinguisher service tag is missing, illegible, or expired.
Fire Extinguisher Fire extinguisher is damaged or missing.
Flammable Items Flammable items within 3ft of an HVAC Appliance or Water Heater
Flammable Items Improperly Stored Chemicals
Guardrail Guardrail is Missing or Not Installed
Guardrail Guardrail is Not Functionally Adequate
HVAC HVAC Not Working Between 10/1 and 3/31
HVAC HVAC Not Working and Interior Temp is Less than 64
HVAC Combustion Chamber Cover Missing
HVAC Gas Shutoff Valve Misisng on Fuel Burning Appliance
HVAC Fuel Burning Appliance Has Misaligned, Blocked, or Damaged Chimney
Leaks – Gas/Oil Natural Gas, Oil, or Propane Leak
Mold-Like Substance Presence of Extremely High Levels of Mold-Like Substances
Smoke Alarm Smoke alarm not installed where required
Smoke Alarm Smoke Alarm is obstructed
Smoke Alarm Smoke Alarm does not Produce Alarm When Tested
Sprinkler Assembly Sprinkler-head is obstructed within 18” of the head
Sprinkler Assembly Sprinkler assembly component is missing, damaged, or inoperable
Sprinkler Assembly Sprinkler assembly has evidence of corrosion
Sprinkler Assembly Sprinkler assembly has evidence of foreign material
Structural System Structural System Exhibits Signs of Structural Failure
Toilet Toilet Inoperable or Missing (Only Toilet in Unit)
Water Heater Chimney or flue piping is blocked, misaligned, or missing
Water Heater Gas Shut Off Valve is damaged, missing, or not installed
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Last modified: 19 June 2023


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