US Housing Consultant’s Understanding NSPIRE Accredited Compliance Expert (ACE) Course Description

US Housing Consultants full-day NSPIRE course covers this entire manual following the chapter outline and the live session includes additional resources and examples. The class begins at 9AM and the first 90 minute segment includes a breakdown of the origins of NSPIRE, the differences between UPCS, HQS, and NSPIRE. This includes a breakdown of the new severity ratings, the new pass or fail ratings, and the applicability of the rules for HCV, PBV, HUD CPD Programs, and REAC agency inspections from Multifamily Section 8, Public Housing, and LIHTC.

The course then reviews the procedures required to close out findings in REAC’s new online system after REAC Inspections, and the expectations of close out procedures. We then will discuss new procedures for REAC Appeals, consequences for non-compliance, and new oversight processes from both HUD and REAC. Next, we’ll discuss the REAC NSPIRE scoring methodology. We breakdown the formula used for scoring, and then explain how it works and show a number of examples and comparisons between the new scoring and the old system.

We review the NSPIRE standards following this manual as a guide, and then show how to understand the requirements and the underlying codes that much of these standards are based upon. (Timings are approximate)

  1. 9AM – 10:30: Chapter 1 Review
    1. NSPIRE Applicability
    2. NSPIRE Background and Structure
    3. Voucher Program Pass or Fail Ratings
    4. Voucher Program LT Issues
    5. NSPIRE Scoring for REAC Inspections
      1. NSPIRE Unit Sampling
      2. Failing Scores
      3. Non-Scoring Items
      4. Affirmative Standard Issues
    6. NSPIRE Scoring Examples
  2. 10:45 – Noon – Chapters 2 – 4
    1. Fire and Life Safety Standards
      1. Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Rules and Requirements
      2. Other Life Safety Systems
    2. Bathrooms and Kitchens
      1. Standard Bathroom and Kitchen Components and Fixtures
      2. Kitchen Appliances
  3. 1-2:30 PM – Chapters 5-7
    1. Interior Finishes
    2. Guardrails and Railings
    3. Lighting and Electrical Standards
    4. Windows and Doors
  4. 2:45-4:00 PM – Chapters 8-11
    1. Mechanical
    2. Hazards
    3. Site and Grounds
    4. Structural Issues

NSPIRE ACE Certification Exam is optional and available online after the course.

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Last modified: 27 January 2024


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