Smoke Detectors and CO Alarm issues will continue to be non-scoring in keeping with the longstanding practice of not scoring smoke detector defects under the UPCS scoring methodology. HUD will not score smoke detector defects but will continue to use an asterisk (*) to denote identified smoke detector defects.

New Affirmative Requirements: In at least the first 12 months after the effective date of the final NSPIRE Rule, a designation to be determined will also be included as part of the property’s inspection results to indicate new affirmative requirements that were not scored. Standards needing more calibration through field testing, such as a minimum temperature standard, may not be scored for more than a year. In at least the initial year of NSPIRE, HUD will also provide two scores: one that shows the possible score if all new affirmative requirements were scored and the official score for that inspection.

  1. Missing Handrails
  2. Missing Guardrails
  3. Call for Aid Cords (Deficiency # 1: Blocked or Cord not within 6” of the floor)
  4. Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  5. Smoke Alarms
  6. Duplicate Defects
Revision: 5
Last modified: 3 September 2023


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