This standard refers to a condition observed during the inspection which reveals a sign of an imminent failure of a building’s structure or surrounding areas, which, if unaddressed, could result in bodily harm. This can include load-bearing systems within the structure and any accessible areas within the common interior areas and dwelling units in areas such as balconies, decks, patios, and basements. It can also include issues on the grounds of appurtenant structures such as playgrounds and patios. The conditions expected under this standard would include large cracks which show signs of structural collapse, serious failure such as sudden settlement, or, as a result of the structural shifting, the residents can no longer maintain proper security in their units.

Deficiency Rating Due Pass/Fail
Structural system exhibits signs of serious failure and may threaten the resident’s safety Life Threatening 24 Hours Fail

Version 3.0, Updated 6/16/23

Revision: 4
Last modified: 19 June 2023


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