This standard relates to leaks in sanitary systems. This section includes the following:

  1. Sanitary system clean-outs.
  2. Leaking in Sewage Systems
Def# Deficiency Severity Repair Due HCV Rating
1 Blocked sewage system. Severe 24 Hours** Fail
2 Leak in the sewage system Severe 24 Hours** Fail
3 Cap to the cleanout is detached or missing Moderate 30 Days Fail
4 Cleanout cap or riser is damaged Moderate 30 Days Fail

**PBV/HCV Repair Timeframe for this deficiency is 30 Days

Leak – Sanitary – 6/18/23
Leak – Sanitary – 8/11/23

Revision: 5
Last modified: 15 August 2023


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