The roofing surfaces have to be inspected to ensure that there is no damage to the roofing membrane, shingles, or any other materials such as scuppers, flashing, roofing ventilation, or soffit/fascia. The roofing material and associated components can be inspected from the ground for gabled roofs.

  1. Exposed Substrate on roofing can include missing or damaged shingles, membranes, or tiles
  2. “Intentional” penetrative holes refer to common roofing vents such as gable vents, soffit vents, or other roof vents.
Def# Deficiency Severity Repair Due HCV Rating
4 Any amount of roofing substrate is exposed Moderate 30 Days Fail
5 Intentional, penetrative hole of any size missing a vent or screen Moderate 30 Days Fail
5 Penetrative, unintentional hole of any size is found Moderate 30 Days Fail
6 Roof assembly is damaged Moderate 30 Days Fail
6 The roofing soffits, eaves, fascia, or deck is damaged Moderate 30 Days Fail

Roofing Standard V3.0 Updated 6/16/23
Roofing Standard V3.0 Updated 8/11/23

Revision: 3
Last modified: 15 August 2023


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