As part of the NSPIRE update, HUD Multifamily Programs will now be subject to the same requirements as Public Housing, which requires that all units be subject to annual inspection.

Per the final NSPIRE notice. Section 5.707 Uniform self-inspection requirement and report.

All PHAs and owners of HUD housing subject to an assistance contract, other than owners participating in the HCV, PBV, and programs, are required to annually self-inspect their properties, including all units, to ensure the units are maintained in accordance with the standards in § 5.703. The owner or PHA must maintain the results of such self-inspections for three years and must provide the results to HUD upon request. This self-inspection is independent of other HUD inspections discussed in § 5.705. The owner or PHA may choose to conduct this inspection after a HUD inspection to satisfy this requirement and the post-report survey requirement at § 5.711©(2) simultaneously.

Full Self-Inspections After a Failing REAC Score

HUD is also adding a requirement that properties that score below 60 must complete a full self-inspection and not the limited self-inspection described in this regulation for identified deficiencies in units and areas of the property not inspected by REAC. This addition is necessary to ensure that owners and PHAs survey 100 percent of their properties when they have poor physical performance (i.e., scores below 60) in order to identify additional health and safety defects in the units that were not part of the inspection sample. PHAs and owners that conduct a full inspection after the HUD inspection can consider this inspection to satisfy the requirements of § 5.707 for that year.

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Last modified: 18 June 2023


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