Roofing is designed to protect the interior from exterior elements and collect and redirect the accumulation of precipitation from the roof surface to the ground or drainage system. Inspecting roofing elements can be performed on a flat roof by physically accessing the roof and examining the roofing membrane, associated components, and drains. The roofing surfaces have to be inspected to ensure that there is no damage to the roofing membrane, shingles, or any other materials such as gutters, downspouts, flashing, roofing ventilation, or soffit/fascia. The roofing material and associated components can be inspected from the ground for gabled roofs.

This standard has been divided into two categories

  1. Roof Drains and Ponding
    1. Gutters, Drains, and Downspouts
    2. Ponding
  2. Roof Assembly
    1. Soffit, Fascia, Vents
    2. Roof Surface
    3. Roof Substrate

Roofing Standard V3.0 Updated 6/16/23

Revision: 7
Last modified: 18 June 2023


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