Property signage includes signs near building entrances, either above or alongside the entrance or on a nearby post, as well as roadway entrances. This category can include large monument signs and any other signs that identify the location of the property, its name, or other relevant information. When inspecting the property’s signage, a deficiency should be cited if the signage elements are broken, illegible, or not visible. Particular attention should be paid to the property’s address on signage, which should be legible and visible. This can include the following conditions:

  • The property address is obscured by vegetation or other object and is not legible,
  • The property address is not legible due to physical damage.
  • Site signage is physically damaged or broken.
Def# Deficiency Severity Repair Due HCV Rating
1 Address, signage, or building identification codes are broken, illegible, or not visible Moderate 30 Days Fail

Address and Signage Standard V3 Updated 6.16.23
Address and Signage Standard V3 Updated 8.11.23

Revision: 10
Last modified: 15 August 2023


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