Restrooms and bathrooms are required to have a functional toilet. To determine if the toilet is operating as intended, test the toilet by following these steps:

  1. Open the toilet seat and lid.
  2. Lightly apply pressure to the side of the toilet and ensure that it does not move on the floor. This can be done by pushing softly with a knee, straddling the toilet, and attempting to move the basin.
  3. Flush the toilet and ensure that the toilet properly drains and refills and stops running after refilling the tank.
    Inspect the toilet for any damaged or missing components, such as a damaged seat, flush handles, lids, or other components.

Explanation of terms in deficiency table:

  • Missing: Bathrooms and Restrooms must have a toilet. The deficiencies below for a “missing” toilet refer to evidence that a toilet was previously installed and has been removed or that a bathroom exists where no toilet is in the room or immediate vicinity.
  • “Only Toilet in Unit” – this terminology is used to determine the rating and repair timeframe. A lesser rating is applied to missing or damaged toilets if another functioning toilet is present in the unit.
  • Toilet Components: Toilet components include flush handles, lids, seats, covers, and any other component that is used in the function of a toilet. It does not apply to caulking that may be applied at the base. Caulking at the base of the toilet is not an inspectable item.
  • For a life-threatening deficiency to be cited, the toilet must be damaged to the degree that it no longer functions as intended, and there are no other functioning toilets in the unit.
Def# Deficiency Severity Repair Due HCV Rating
1 Toilet is missing (only toilet in unit) Life Threatening 24 Hours Fail
1 Toilet is missing (only toilet in Common Area) Moderate 30 Days Fail
2 Toilet is missing (not only toilet in unit) Moderate 30 Days Fail
2 Toilet is missing (not only toilet in Common Area) Moderate 30 Days Fail
3 Toilet is damaged or inoperable (only toilet in unit) Severe 24 Hours Fail
3 Toilet is damaged or inoperable (common area) Moderate 30 Days Fail
4 Toilet is damaged or inoperable (not only toilet) Moderate 30 Days Fail
5 Toilet components are damaged and inoperable Moderate 30 Days Fail
6 Toilet is not secured at base/loose Moderate 30 Days Fail
7 Toilet components are damaged but overall functional Low 60 Days Pass
8 Toilet cannot be used in private Moderate 30 Days Fail

Toilet Standard V3.0, Updated 6/16/23
Toilet Standard V3.0, Updated 8/11/23

Revision: 12
Last modified: 15 August 2023


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