A fire extinguisher is a portable fire safety device that discharges a jet of water, foam, gas, or other material to extinguish a fire. There is no requirement under this inspection standard to have fire extinguishers installed in any building or unit due to age, the purpose of use, location, or other factors.
However, if a building or unit has fire extinguishers in place, they will be inspected for the following conditions:

  • The fire extinguisher gauge shows that the device is over-charged or under-charged.
  • The fire extinguisher inspection tag is expired, missing, or illegible.
  • “Missing” refers to any evidence of prior installation, but now the extinguisher is no longer present.
  • A disposable fire extinguisher that is more than 12 years old (the date is stamped on the bottom of the fire extinguisher)
  • Fire extinguishers that are physically damaged or missing (by evidence of a bracket or storage case without a fire extinguisher).
  • Fire extinguishers that are not in service (e.g., in storage) should not be inspected.
  • If an invoice or report from the servicing fire extinguisher company is provided, do not record a deficiency for a missing tag. The date of the report must be no more than one year from the inspection date.
Def# Deficiency Severity Repair Due HCV Rating
1 Fire extinguisher pressure gauge reads over- or under-charged Life Threatening 24 Hours Fail
2 The date on the fire extinguisher service tag has exceeded one year (Expired) Life Threatening 24 Hours Fail
2 The fire extinguisher tag is missing or illegible Life Threatening 24 Hours Fail
2 A nonchargeable or disposable fire extinguisher is more than 12 years old (based on manufacture date) Life Threatening 24 Hours Fail
3 Fire extinguisher is damaged Life Threatening 24 Hours Fail
3 Fire extinguisher is missing Life Threatening 24 Hours Fail

Fire Extinguisher Standard V3.0, Updated 6/16/23

Revision: 7
Last modified: 18 June 2023


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