Under the NSPIRE standards, retaining walls are only inspected if they are more than 24 inches in height. A retaining wall is designed to retain soil, rock, and gravel at various grades and heights. The wall should be inspected to ensure it is not leaning away from the fill side – i.e., away from the side with dirt or rocks. The wall should also be inspected to ensure that the wall is not more than 90 degrees from the base of the slope.

Def# Deficiency Severity Repair Due HCV Rating
1 Retaining wall is leaning away from the fill side Moderate 30 Days Fail
2 Retaining wall is partially or completely collapsed. Moderate 30 Days Fail

Retaining Wall Standard V3.0 Updated 6/16/23

Revision: 11
Last modified: 20 June 2023


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