In the NSPIRE Scoring Notice dated 7/7/23, HUD clarified that multiple deficiencies in the same location, cited in the same category/standard/deficiency will be recorded individually but will be scored one time per location.

HUD will continue citing a deficiency multiple times in all inspectable areas (i.e., Unit, Inside, Outside) but will deduct points once per inspected unit, inspected building, or Outside area, for the Unit, Inside, and Outside areas, respectively. Examples of deficiencies that will be cited for each instance but scored only once in the same inspectable area include blocked egress, damaged doors, damaged walls, sharp edges, and infestation. This revision takes into consideration concerns expressed in public comments while upholding HUD’s focus on resident health and safety as standards for acceptable living conditions.

Revision: 1
Last modified: 21 July 2023


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