Site drainage refers to exterior systems that direct surface water, such as French drains, culverts, ditches, retention, detention basins, and curbing. This deficiency also includes grounds erosion close to structures such as fences, walls, foundations, parking areas, and walking surfaces. Erosion for this standard must be either a deterioration of soil that exposes the foundation footer or erosion more than two feet from a structure, fence, wall, or walkway. The depth of the deterioration is equal to or more than the distance from the item. For instance, an area of the grounds with an eroded area five feet in depth and five feet from the building would be considered a deficiency. At the same time, an area of grounds erosion 2 feet in depth and 10 feet from any structure, fence, wall, or walkway would not be considered a deficiency.

Def# Deficiency Severity Repair Due HCV Rating
1 Standing water is present above the outflow pipe entrance. Low 60 Days Pass
1 Drainage is blocked, and water is unable to drain properly Low 60 Days Pass
2 Ground erosion at a building’s foundation that is 2’ in depth and length or more Low 60 Days Pass
2 Erosion is present, and the footer is exposed. Low 60 Days Pass
3 Grate is not secure or does not cover the site drain opening Moderate 30 Days Fail

Site Drainage Standard V3.0 Updated 6/16/23

Revision: 12
Last modified: 27 November 2023


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