In January 2021, HUD released an administrative notice which indicated which programs were changing to NSPIRE after the demonstration program had ended. Below is a chart of HUD Housing programs in Community Planning and Development, Multifamily Housing, and Public and Indian Housing.

Program HUD Office Regulation Current Standards
HOPWA** CPD 24 CFR 574.310 HQS
Shelter Plus Care CPD 24 CFR 582.305 HQS
HOME Program CPD 24 CFR 92.504 UPCS
Supportive Housing Program (SHP) CPD 24 CFR 583.300 HQS
Housing Trust Fund CPD 24 CFR 93.301 UPCS
Continuum of Care CPD 24 CFR 578.75 HQS
Emergency Shelter Grants CPD 24 CFR 576.403 HQS
Project-Based Section 8 Multifamily 24 CFR 5 UPCS
HUD FHA Financing Multifamily 24 CFR 200 UPCS
Section 202/811 Multifamily 24 CFR 800 UPCS
Rural Housing 515/Section 8 Multifamily 24 CFR 884.217 UPCS
Section 8 HAP Program Multifamily 24 CFR 886 UPCS
Public Housing PIH 24 CFR 902 UPCS
Housing Choice Voucher PIH 24 CFR 982 UPCS
Project-Based Vouchers PIH 24 CFR 98 UPCS
Low-Income Housing Tax Credits N/A 24 CFR 5.703 UPCS

  • Added May 11, 2023 “HUD is removing from § 574.310(b) NSPIRE’s applicability to housing for which HOPWA funds are used under permanent housing placement to pay an eligible person’s security deposit, utility hookup, and processing costs, or move in costs, except rental application and credit check fees (§ 574.300(b)(7)).”
Revision: 13
Last modified: 18 June 2023


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