Fences are only inspected if the fence, upright structure (e.g., solid wall), form a security perimeter. The type of fence does not impact the standards in any way. All security fences should be inspected to determine if the fence is leaning, components are missing and creating a hole of more than 20% of a single section, or if the gate on a fence is found to be inoperable or damaged. When inspecting a fence, check the fence posts and ensure that the posts do not have damage that would allow the fence or wall to become unstable, lean, or collapse.

- This item includes, but is not limited to, utility fencing, pool fencing, fencing around unprotected heights, storm water management pond, daycares, as well as associated gates. This item does not include non-security perimeter (i.e., intended to provide full or partial enclosure of a property along or near the property lines), landscape, or decorative fencing.
Previously this deficiency included “fully enclosing an area of ground to mark a boundary and control access. A fence must be four feet or greater.” Updated 8/11/23 to remove this language.

Inspection Procedure

  • Look at each section of the fence for missing pickets or fence portions.
  • Open the gate fully.
  • Close the gate fully and latch the gate.
  • Attempt to open the gate without engaging the latch.
  • Attempt to open the locked gate while engaging the latch.
Def# Deficiency Severity Repair Due HCV Rating
1 Hole in Security Fence Larger than 20% of a Section Moderate 30 Days Fail
2 Gate will not close Moderate 30 Days Fail
2 Gate will not open Moderate 30 Days Fail
2 Gate will open when locked or latched Moderate 30 Days Fail
2 Security Fence gate lock or latch inoperable Moderate 30 Days Fail
3 Security Fence shows signs of collapsing Moderate 30 Days Fail

Fences – Security Standard V3.0 Updated 6.16.23
Fences – Security Standard V3.0 Updated 8.11.23

Revision: 35
Last modified: 29 August 2023


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